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Battery-powered electric sprayer equipped with a 20-litre capacity battery level indicator (18V Li-Ion), specially designed for use on extensive crops. Easy to handle and ergonomic for the user.


  • Battery-powered sprayer with high-performance membrane pump and high-flow nozzles for extensive agricultural applications.
  • Electronic control (LTControl) ensures homogeneous spraying throughout the process and is effortless for the farmer.
  • Instant on/off of spraying.
  • Two working positions: Insecticide/Fungicide and Herbicide.
  • It features a set of nozzles that guarantees a fine droplet size and greater coverage in insecticide/fungicide treatments, reducing drift and improving herbicide treatment efficacy.
  • Top-quality components: fibreglass lance, reinforced hose and Stainless steel handle. Ideal for applying natural treatments (pelargonic acid, acetic acid, ...).

Intensity of use high
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Scope of use

Functional information

  1. Reinforced hose
  2. Integrated and ergonomic handle
  3. Wide filler opening
  4. Stainless steel handle
  5. Fibreglass lance
  6. Set of nozzles
  7. High performance membrane pump
  8. Padded and adjustable straps with zipper
  9. Li-ion battery (18V)
  10. 2 working positions

Technical information

Valve NO
Hose Reinforced PVC
Standard nozzles Adjustable conical nozzle, fan, mirror and four holes nozzles
Lance Fibreglass
Useful capacity 20 L
Total capacity 21 L
Net weight 4,3 kg
Wide filler opening YES
Set of nozzles for herbicide and insecticide treatments YES
Lance and extensions Lance
Straps Padded and adjustable. Adjustable in the breast strap
Pressure control YES
Battery 18V Li-Ion
Working positions 2 (Herbicide/Insecticide)
Autonomy 100-400 L
Handle Stainless steel


Spare parts

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